For my next review, Ill look at Oasisslots. Slots Just from the homepage I could tell it would be a good one to visit. The mouse-over hieroglyphics (hey ma - no spell checker!) that appear on the menu, for example this site has really been well designed. I saw a HUGE progressive jackpot total, and a HUGE 400% sign up bonus, to a max of $4,000 in slotoasis!


Unlike basic slots, the jackpot amount on progressive OasisSlots machines increases according to the amount of money played through them. It's sort of like the lottery; the more people play, the bigger the jackpot gets - until someone wins it. Progressive jackpot machines most often display the total jackpot number in large numbers at the top of the oasis slotmachine


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Progressive slots offer jackpots that grow as more money is played through the machine. The progressive may be part of a network of machines all offering the same jackpot, and all contributing a portion of their play-through to that total. Until a lucky player hits the jackpot, progressive slots grow larger and larger, either topping out at a predefined level set by the casino, or being won in a single spin and getting reset. The jackpot grows in proportion to how much play the machine or network of machines get

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There are three main types of slots: flat top or basic slot machine, progressive, and video slots. Of course in the world of online slot machines, video slots may simply be grouped within either of the first two categories. There is a difference though between how a slot machines payout percentage applies to your play, and how the house edge applies to a table game's play. Imagine you are playing a $1 slot machine, starting with $100.

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  Paradise Dreams   Paris Beauty   Pay Dirt Slott!
  Lion RTG Lair Slot    Hillibillies  reelSlot    FreeSpins GoldenSlots

Knowing the types alone isn't enough however; there are also a variety of multi-payline and multi-reel combinations just to complicate things further. But don't worry -this page has been written especially for that reason- to give people a chance to understand the world of slot machines a little better.
It is important to understand the concept of payout percentages when playing the slots. In one way, it's very easy to visualize the payout percentage of a machine as being the compliment of the house edge. Slot machines with a posted 95% payback could be called machines with a 5% house edge. A 90% slot machine has a 10% house edge.

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OasisSlots Casino succeeds in delivering an optimal gaming experience from start to finish. The beautifully styled and distinctive web site is powered by what is probably the best gaming program available, namely RTG. Players are almost overwhelmed by the very generous 400% initial deposit match-up, extensive game choice, and considerable progressive jackpots in Major Milions!.

Behind the scenes, Oasis Slots.NET is just as strong. Transaction services are extremely flexible and provide rapid payouts. Customer service is friendly and readily available. SlotsOasis is also certified by TST, which adds a level of confidence to any online gaming operation. In short, OasisSlotsCasino Online takes the best of online SlotCasino games in Instant Play or download for free. Secure and safe certified RTG software gaming Free Spins Bonus in Videoslots: Cleopatra, Pyramid, Azteck, Atrantis, Neptunes, cleopatra2 piramids bonuses: 20 free addictional spins with retrigger! together in one place: OASISSLOTS.NET!                                                         Slots Oasis - Preview Games